Personal Superannuation



While most people have superannuation, not everyone spends the time required to ensure that it is working effectively for you. Superannuation is a key vehicle to accumulate wealth in a tax effective manner for your retirement. There are many different superfunds and investment options available in the market today and this can sometimes lead to confusion and as a result, neglect of the second biggest asset is most people’s life.

Superannuation can provide for a very easy and tax effective way to invest in your future. By making sure you are in an appropriate super fund and invested correctly, your Capital Managers Adviser will be able to provide strategies and solutions to maximise your superannuation to help build the life you want in retirement.

Self Managed Super Superannuation

Self Managed Superannuation is a complex space. With the extra flexibility that Self Managed Super provides, it comes with increased operational risk. It is critical to ensure that your Self Managed Super fund is administered correctly to minimise the chances of breaching any rules and penalties being applied to the super fund. You also need to make sure that the superfund has a satisfactory Investment strategy and that the fund is invested within the guideline of this strategy.

The Capital Managers Advice team has Accredited Self Managed Super Fund Specialists who can provide advice and guidance for your Self Managed super fund to ensure it is not only invested correctly but also ensure you are meeting your obligation as a Trustee for a super fund.

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