Investment Philosophy


Investment philosophy

As investors, we face an uncertain future with many variables. We work to assess those sources of variability and account for them in the plan we have designed for you. We hold a quarterly investment review to determine if our investment model needs to change and if it does you will be advised on these recommended changes as part of your annual review.

Your plan follows our investment philosophy which is created with the following considerations:

  • Market volatility – we invest within your agreed risk profile and overall tolerance for risk. We will determine this in consultation with you
  • Fees – We are fee conscious and for this reason we recommend some exposure to low cost index funds within your portfolio, but will still recommend some active fund managers with higher fees if they meet our investment criteria and are outperforming.
  • Taking advantage of good market returns – this is achieved by recommending taking profit when it exists.
  • Liquidity and protection from a down market– we structured portfolios giving attention to required liquidity.

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